Sunday Morning Training Run

Locations and times for the Sunday training runs can vary, so please contact us.

Sunday Morning Training Run
Experts agree that one of the best ways to get into the habit of running is to make plans to meet with others. That simple act makes you more likely to follow through on your good intentions. Additionally, the conversation and camaraderie of running with others often helps to make the miles go by quicker. For these reasons, a small, but somewhat dedicated group meets most Sunday mornings throughout the year, in all kinds of weather.

Is this just for serious runners?
That depends on how you define serious. These runs are typically geared toward running Half Marathon and Full Marathon distances. But none of us are going to qualify for the US Olympic team anytime soon. We’re all busy people juggling careers, families, and other activities, while trying to stay active. That’s a big part of why this run is early on Sunday mornings. It’s the only time available for some of us!

How far do you run?
Distances vary throughout the year. 7 to 8 miles is the typical base line run in the “off season”, but as spring and fall marathons approach, we will increase mileage accordingly to prepare for the upcoming races.

No way, that’s too far for me!
Most of the runs are at Busse Woods, which features a paved loop trail, approximately 8 miles in length. Depending on who is running on a given day, we can alter the course as necessary to fit in distances that meet the training schedule, but also allow for runners who are “just along for the ride” to peel off for a shorter distance.

Where and when do you meet?
During spring, summer, and fall months, we typically meet at the Busse Woods Elk Herd parking lot off of Arlington Heights Road. Sometimes for a change of pace, we’ll meet near Big Bend Lake in Des Plaines and run the unpaved trail near the Des Plaines River. In the winter months, snow and ice usually force us to street running around the Mount Prospect and Arlington Heights area.

Start times will vary as the distances do. 7:00 AM is the typical start time in the “off season”, but as we gear up for specific races, earlier start times are necessary to work around summer heat and busy schedules.

I think I’m in. But I’ve got some questions.
The best thing to do is to send an email to and ask for more information about the Sunday run. Someone will contact you with information on the next run and should be able to answer any questions that you may have. We can also add your email to the Sunday Run email list so that you stay informed of upcoming runs. This run is a pretty low key operation, so times and locations, while generally consistent, will sometimes change and runs may be cancelled altogether depending on schedules.